Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The spoken word!!!!!!

the spoken word is the spoken word the spoken word is just that.... the spoken word!!!!!!the spoken word is the spoken word damnit!!!!!!!!!

Dammit, people. Dammit.


At 12/28/2005 12:44:00 PM , Blogger Kingfisher said...


At 12/28/2005 04:18:00 PM , Blogger PSUMommy said...

I have no idea what this is supposed to be about, and yet I found myself giggling like a school girl about it...

At 12/29/2005 12:07:00 AM , Blogger KOM said...

Perhaps I should have elaborated, but the post, as is, made me laugh.

The first hyperlinked drivel was a search which lead to li'l ol' LP. I think we're number 7 or 8, if you care to scroll down.

It was funny not just because whoever initiated the search typed that whole damn thing in, but because his/her misspelling of "dammit" lead (via the search) to my post about the correct spelling of dammit.

Irony, that. Sort of.

I'm easily amused, if I hadn't already ment-

Ooh, shiny!

At 12/29/2005 01:33:00 PM , Blogger Cowboy said...

Well that's how I spell "Dammit", dammit!


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